A New Home for the Seven Little Kids
Un nuevo hogar para los siete cabritos


Moving into a new house and a new neighborhood could be a traumatic experience and also a new adventure. Young readers will accompany Mrs. Goat and her children as they visit the neighborhood architect to review their new home’s floor plan, shop for furniture, and eat out in a local restaurant.

Children delight when they recognize that the architect is none other than Pig Three, the constructor of the sturdy brick house and when they discover, through the illustrations, that the ferocious wolf is still roaming around hidden in unsuspected places and wearing all sorts of disguises.


All the characters that live on the pages of these four books have been my best and closest friends since childhood. I drew strength from Pig three, I learned all the lessons Red Ridding Hood wanted to teach me, I left notes for Pérez the Mouse, in case there was any chance that with my next fallen tooth I could get a bike instead of a coin. Now, it is a pleasure to ride along their adventures, bringing them to life to a new generation of children.