A New Job for Pérez, the Mouse
Ratoncito Pérez, Cartero


The protagonist of A New Job for Pérez, the Mouse or Ratoncito Pérez, cartero is a beloved character in the folklore of many Spanish-speaking countries. He is both known as Cucarachita Martina’s husband and as the equivalent of the tooth fairy.

In this story he is suffering because most children in the neighborhood have already lost their baby teeth. He is happy to find a new job, as a mailman, until his good friend Pig Three declares that mailmen are useless now that all correspondence happens through email.

But there is a surprise waiting for Pig Three that will vindicate Pérez’s job. And throughout the story readers get to see some of the diverse and fantastic mail that Pérez has delivered.


All the characters that live on the pages of these four books have been my best and closest friends since childhood. I drew strength from Pig three, I learned all the lessons Red Riding Hood wanted to teach me, I left notes for Pérez the Mouse, in case there was any chance that with my next fallen tooth I could get a bike instead of a coin. Now, it is a pleasure to ride along their adventures. Bringing them to life to a new generation of children.