All The Good Hands
Todas las buenas manos


It is dark, night reigns in the streets of the city, however, there are already many hands working for us to enjoy a new day. As the sun breaks among buildings and clouds, there is a legion of truck drivers, fishermen, bakers, newspaper journalists, musicians, book makers, even a dog for the blind is already at work. And all those good hands define our society and the way we live.


The tragic events of September 11, 2001 marked the writing, illustrating and publishing of this book.  Writing this book I wanted to give children the message that a grateful heart is an honorable heart, and that it is easy to look around and see how grateful we can be for all the generous hands that make our days happy, livable, and in peace. Months after finishing this work, September happened, and we could all witness the real meaning of the word solidarity.

This book also brought to my life the incredible talent and cherished friendship of Yuyi Morales. This was her first book published in the US, and a wonderful manifestation of her creative mind, as it has been celebrated in all her works following this. Hers were in deed wonderful hands.