Before and Now
Antes y Ahora


Before and Now – Antes y Ahora is a picture book for the very young (Pre-K and Kinder) to visualize that path that leads to entering Kindergarten, at the same time that they measure the progress in their lives. The book begins with a show and tell in which two students present to the whole class their book entitled Before and Now. Before they could skip, reach for the cookies, know how to share their toys, get their turn, or not to be afraid to speak in front of the class. But now they can do all that…and more.


Encouraging children to become authors has been an important goal in my professional life. Alma Flor Ada and I wrote Authors in the Classroom: A Transformative Education Process to provide teachers an efficient, easy to follow process, to reach the goal of becoming authors not only for children, but also for the teachers themselves and the parents of their students. Pam Schiller provided her rich experience of addressing children this age, and the result is a most enjoyable manifestation of how we all, and at any age, have a “Before and After”.