Blue and Green
Azul y verde


The objective of this series of four books is to invite children to view, understand, and enjoy the many works of art created by Hispanic artists throughout history. Opening the eyes of children to new horizons of beauty is providing them with intellectual tools to better understand and enjoy the world that surrounds them. We highlight in this book the work of Mexican painters such as Diego Rivera, Alfredo Ramos, Fernando Castillo, Roberto Benítez, Luis Jaso, and Ezequiel Negrete. Tarsila Do Amaral from Brazil; Héctor Poleo from Venezuela; Diego Velazquez from Spain, and the Latina painters Carmen Lomas Garza.


Art has represented a constant research and enjoyment in my life. I have profound memories of me walking the corridors of the exhibit hall at the Diputación de Alicante as early as when I was ten years old. First taken by the hand of my father, a great intellectual that opened my eyes to the beauty of aesthetics and literature. Those encounters with mostly Spanish painters would remain with me forever. Later in my life I would walk the museums of the world delighting in the worlds that images brought to my eyes.

I have even attempted painting and sculpting. The walls of my friends’ homes around the world, keep that secret within the houses of generous people.