Celebrate Chinese New Year with the Fong Family
Celebra el Año Nuevo Chino con la familia Fong

Book Description

Story: A Chinese-American family invites their good friends the Sánchez’, a Latino family, to celebrate the Chinese New Year with them. Nico, a curious little member of the Sánchez family, is fascinated by the celebration and gets himself in a bit of trouble during his picture-taking adventure.

Non-fiction: An overview of the history of the celebration of the Lunar New Year in 12 pages with striking photographs.

Author’s Note

I visited China for the first time in 1992. I had spent some time visiting friends in Hong Kong and I was admired of the strength and beauty of the Chinese culture. Although I am a frequent traveler of places far and different from my home, China left a profound impact in my mind. Although I was traveling there during the months of September and October, I have had the happy experience of Chinese New Year in San Francisco, where I live since 1995. This book is an homage to our many friends from that culture.

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