Get Up, Rick
¡Arriba Gabi!

Rick has a problem. He loves to sleep. But being the rooster in a farm, that kind of  problem is totally unacceptable and needs to be fixed. What happens if the chicks don’t get up on time to go school? How can the farmer know it is time to milk the cows? Very fortunately for Rick, he’s got friends!

I spend part of the year in a little ranchito called “EL NIU AL LLAC” that in Catalan means “The nest by the lake”. There, I have written most of my books because there is a rooster that daily reminds me it is time to get up. But a lot of things come along with his voice. The rooster’s “Good Morning” is indeed an awakening to the surprises of a new day in the country. Nothing is predictable in a ranch, and I love to be surprised, daily.