Happy Birthday, Little Red Riding Hood
Feliz cumpleaños, Caperucita Roja


In this book chil­dren will fol­low Lit­tle Red Rid­ing Hood and her mother as they plan a birth­day party. Cre­at­ing the list of guests, writ­ing the invi­ta­tions, look­ing for addresses in an address book, address­ing the envelopes, mak­ing a shop­ping list, and fol­low­ing some sim­ple recipes all will con­tribute to see the many ways in which lan­guage is present in daily life.


I have, and I have had many friends in life, but the characters in these books were my first and most loyal friends throughout my life. I realize that I was a very sensitive little girl, shy, chubby, and silent. So my books and the characters in them, became a soft and secure place where I could return anytime I wanted.

Later in elementary school I fell in love with theatre and my character was transformed. I gave my opinion when asked, (or not) I spoke my mind, and I realized that the lessons learned with Piggy, Red Riding Hood, and Pérez the Mouse were helpful, and worth being remembered.

These books are a manifestation of that promise, with the hope that the new generations will also learn to love each and everyone of these characters.