My Day from A to Z
Mi día de la A a la Z


Fanty is learning how many things can be done in one day, if one is ready to get up on time. This is an enchanting illustrated ABC book, about a child’s daily activities at home and school that can also be used to learn and practice telling time. It has a parallel Spanish-language companion edition. Sandra Lavandeira’s colorful and detailed pages provide ample opportunity to ask questions and elicit responses from a child, about daily activities.


The popularity of Alphabet books is well deserved. I dare say that perhaps all authors who write for children have at least written an Alphabet book. My first published Alphabet book was Fantástica Fiesta, where I played with alliteration and the endless activities a child encounters in a Hispanic celebration.  My day from A to Z, brought to life the character of Fanty.  Fanty is a good boy, but he needs to be told, sometimes several times, what is next in his life. As he matures, Fanty learns to take responsibility for himself, his schedule, and his imagination.