Owning Meaning

Book Description

All evidence concludes that children will learn a second language well, if their first is affirmed, expanded and honored. The advantages of having two languages are many cognitive, social, professional, economic. Sucessful people around the globe value the knowledge of more than one language. For children of Spanish-speaking homes in the United States, a strong command of their home language will strengthen their family connections and support their academic success in both Spanish and English.

Once concepts are understood in a language they are transferable to another. Children who own the meaning of many words in their home language will easily transfer that understanding to a second language. Owning a rich vocabulary is the best path to success in reading and, thus, in all academic areas.

In its first part, this book presents a clear theoretical explanation of the significance of vocabulary expansion. It explains the relationship between first and second languages and the transferability between them. And offers suggestions on how to bring about a healthy and productive home-school interaction.

The second part offers specific suggestions for multiple activities to develop a robust vocabulary as well as examples of vocabulary in thematic areas.